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05 November 2018

Bootcamp EFYL - European Fellowship on Youth Leadership - Second Edition

European Fellowship on Youth Leadership (EFYL) is a complex programme of youth leadership initiated by GEYC in 2017, under the aegis of PRISMA European Network. The second edition is taking place in the frame of the #PlayEurope project and will have the duration of 9 months (October 2018 - July 2019).
The Bootcamp, which took place between 28th and 30th of October 2018 in Bucharest, has been focused on:

  • Leadership, teamwork and team management;
  • Methods of non-formal education;
  • Basic project management skills;
  • Intercultural communication;
  • Conflict management and negociation skills;
  • Understanding what a Youth Exchange is;
  • Understanding what #VisitIt (#invizita) activities are;
  • What is social entrepreneurship and learning more about the #PlayEurope partnership.

After getting to know each other, the participants learned more about GEYC's objectives, how EFYL will help us reach those objectives, they learned more about Youth Exchanges and #visitIt activities. We then had a discussion about the #PlayEurope partnership, the importance of being “active citizens”, both at local and at European level, since the participants have different backgrounds but were brought together by the desire to make a change in their communities.
One colleague also delivered a workshop on the digital presence of a leader, powered by TURN ONline KA2 Strategic Partnership, as a proof of our constant efforts in bringing digitalization closer to youth workers, activists and leaders.

Talking about the objectives of the #PlayEurope partnership

The activities that we have proposed during the 3 days were focused on acquiring the theoretical knowledge that a group leader needs to have, but also on developing their practical skills. As an added value, some of the participants in the first edition of EFYL came and shared their thoughts about the programme and their experience as group leaders.

Talking about conflict management
After so much useful information, it's time for the participants to put into practice everything that they have learned. Having learned more about social entrepreneurship, they can now get more active in the local, national and European community through the "Get Involved" phase of the programme. The EFYL adventure continues!

See more about Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 and the tools that we have used during the Bootcamp here