18 August 2018

"HTML 4 Youth Workers" TC, Tbilisi, Georgia // InYouS

The second stage of the Capacity building project "International Youth Studies: Curricula, Distance learning course and open educational materials" (InYouS) has taken place in Tbilisi, Georgia, between 22nd-29th of July 2018. 
The Training Course "HTML 4 Youth Workers" followed the conference held in Yerevan, Armenia, back in April 2018 and represented another step towards the developing of an international Youth Studies curricula. GEYC was represented at this Training Course by Madalina and Bogdan, two youth workers and members of our GEYC Community.
Working on the curricula
The participants covered and discussed 4 topics from the Curricula, which was drafted by participants during the previous Conference held in Armenia. All these topics will be later on involved in the Curricula of the distance learning course:
  • Competences of a Youth Worker;
  • Methodology in Youth Work;
  • Project Management;
  • Youth Participation and Empowerment. 
Our partners from FYCA managed to involve 6 people from the partner organizations, who delivered sessions on youth work. Among them were professional youth workers, a university professor, as well as young people who are getting involved in this field. This fact insured the diversity of the training course, where more people interested to act as a trainer got opportunity to share their knowledge and experience. They discussed topics from Formal and Non-Formal education perspectives, discussed the bridges between formal and non-formal environments, how they should be contextualized within International Youth Studies Course.

After that, they visited two Georgian organizations: Academy for Peace and Development, and International Scout Center Rustavi. This gave them an understanding on how Youth Work is carried out in Georgia, which type of Youth Study courses they provide and which pedagogical methods they use for them.
Participants developed and worked on 4 Modules of the final Curricula of "International Youth Studies" Course. 
Thanks to the involvement of the participants, we now have Module outlines on the topics of Competence model of youth workers; Methodology in Youth Work; Project Management from A to Z; Youth participation and Empowerment.
These are draft versions based on which we will continue working during the next steps of the project.

The next stage of the project will take place in Czech Republic, during 25th of August- 2nd of September 2018.