28 December 2017

TURN ONline - KA2 Strategic Partnership on Digitalization of Youth NGOs promoting peace and human rights

TURN ONline is a 20 months KA2 strategic partnership project, organized in the frame of Erasmus+, together with NGOs from Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Greece and Hungary. that aims to bring digitalization closer to youth organizations promoting peace and human rights.

Project duration: September 2017 - April 2019 (20 months)


The main aim of the project is to encourage youth organizations working in the field of peace building and Human Rights to transform their activity digitally and to use different forms of online activism in order to increase social impact from their actions.

1) To create the Working Group from the representatives of European youth NGOs promoting peace and Human Rights and familiar with digital tools for their management, online communication and forms of online activism.

2) To organize Working Group meetings and short term staff training events in order to reflect on their experience in Digital Transformation and online activism.

3) To compile the best practices of digital management, social communication and online activism in intellectual outputs.

4) To develop the set of educational activities as local workshops, international trainings, webinars and MOOC in order to share the compiled best practices with other youth organizations promoting peace and Human Rights.

5) To organize Communicational Campaign in order to spread the project results and share the best digital practices and examples of online activism with youth NGOs working in the field of peace building and promotion of Human Rights.

6)To strengthen the networking of youth organization promoting peace and Human Rights and empower them to implement common on-line actions for social change.


  • Nov 2017 -  kick-off meeting in Barcelona, Spain
  • Dec 2017 - Jan 2018 Field and Desk research on usage of digital management tools by youth NGOs
  • Dec 2017 - Feb 2018 Developing an online platform for peer learning "Be digital, be effective"
  • March 2018 - Digital Guidelines "How to communicate youth projects promoting peace and human rights"
  • 15th April 2018 - Conference Day: Communication strategies of youth NGOs promoting peace and Human Rights in Bucharest, Romania,
  • 16-17th April 2018 - Mid-term meeting in Bucharest, Romania,
  • 28 May - 3 June - Training on digital tools for non-formal education in Hungary
  • June 2018 - Digital Guidelines "Digital tools for non-formal education"
  • Sep 2018 - Training on online activism in Bulgaria
  • Oct - Dec 2018 - MOOC TURN ONline
  • Feb 2019 - Evaluation meeting in Barcelona, Spain
  • Feb 2019 - Final conference in Barcelona, Spain