29 October 2017

TC - "Bigger, Better, Brighter” - Whitley Bay, UK

I was just finishing my EVS in Sweden and had a feeling that I gained some experiences throughout the project, as it was a long term EVS that lasted for almost one year. So the stars have aligned so I could participate in “Bigger, Better, Brighter” with the aim of promoting European Voluntary Service projects. Further more, it fit into my #inspiration slot project from the #EFYL program.

It was my first time in Whitley Bay, Newcastle, England and the UK at the same time. I forgot about #brexit and remembered only when the English customs security guy asked me what was I coming there for. 

The host, OpportUNITY is an NGO from Newcastle with an aim to inspire, support and empower young people. I have met and have been pretty impressed by its founder’s kindness, Mohammed.

Training Courses are, in general, of a higher quality than youth exchanges. I mean regarding the participants’ experience and "Bigger, Better, Brighter" confirmed this fact. We were youngsters with various backgrounds and most of us were involved in supporting EVS projects: hosting organisations, active mentors, sending organisations or experienced trainers who were looking to make the next step with Erasmus Training Courses.

But I guess my colleague's testimonials can speak more for it. Oh, and another thing: I often feel at 28 that I've well passed the "having fun" part of life. So when I take a glance at my younger colleagues from the project, aged 20 and 21, I feel like the world will have a “Bigger, Better and Brighter” future.

- Daria

- Raluca