22 December 2015

Christmas tales from Romania

Christmas is just around the corner.
Read away if you want to find out more about how Christmas looks like in Romania!

Christmas is my favorite holiday.

I love everything about it. I love the snow, the warm fluffly sweaters, the carols, the decorations and I just love it how people get together from far away distances to spend time with their families.

My favorite memories from childhood are those that involved me and my sister, in our pajamas, under the blanket, eating my mom’s cookies and watching Christmas movies that we’ve seen a million times before. 

Or my grandparents’ countryside house, with a glass of hot wine in our hands, listening to their stories from the old days. 

A big part of Christmas when I was a kid was going around my grandparents’ village, in the first hours of the Christmas day, “colindând” - singing carols from house to house and people giving us “colaci” and “nuci”.