17 September 2015

Life lesson: Youth on the radio

To begin is the hardest when you have so many memories in your soul. But it appears we’ve already started. We cannot choose between so many stories of serene smiles, beautiful souls and rich events. It wouldn’t be fairplay to make any discrimination. Newcastle Training Course, "Youth on the radio”, was not just a project. 

It was a life lesson. Information, practical activities, intercultural exchange, compromises, jokes, games, fights, tears and support- this is the definition of a family. And we were a family in Newcastle when we got a cold because of the icy weather, called English, when we worked on promoting an on-line campaign, when we visited, when we shared traditions, when we have learnt how to learn non-formal. We cannot deny the importance of social media nowadays and if you still deny it, than you have to participate to one of these projects- it will open your eyes.

We do not find enough words to express our thanks to the hosts. Their smiles made everything seem easier, the light in their eyes gave us the desire to know and their kindness United us. Now we know what traditional or new media means, we know how to use social media in an appropriate manner, and what is more, we know how to make the best of it in a professional way and for a professional purposes. 

We know how to combine all the sources, all the information in order to create, plan and carry out an online campaign, suitable for an organization. The project had a 8 days length, 3-10 September. Yes, we know what you are thinking: 
A too small period for something serious to happen. 
Yet, it is not about the length of time, but the feelings of self-development, achievement and friendship without boarders. 

Achieving your dream without limits
We do not want to say more. We just hope we made you curious enough to apply for one of these projects and leave. Leave and learn. This world is so big, it is difficult to see it all, but through the people you meet you may not see just one world, but an infinity of them.

The students communicated during their work

We also smiled during the training 

It was fun to learn and to meet new people

The team was big and the friendship were strong

Everybody enjoyed the tasty food from Romania

Our voice was heard on the radio

Who said the training can't be fun?

We had a very good time

The "Youth on the radio" experience will always have a place in our hearts