07 July 2015

Call for applicants: HR Academy

On 16th of July, GEYC will organize an intensive workshop dedicated to HR tools aiming to provide HR beginners or people interested about the field with practical tools they can immediately use in their work. The event is a dissemination of results activity of PRISMA project (co-funded by the European Commission through "Erasmus+" programme).

The concept
Many young professionals are interested to enhance their skills in the Human Resources Management field. However, at local level, in Romania, the academic programmes are mainly general and theoretical rather than speciffic and clearly applied on various areas. HR Academy is a pilot event that continues the SMARTER Academy series with the same idea: very practical approach, learning by doing, raising your employability and getting ready for the labour market etc. HR Academy continues the previous modules dedicated to Project Management, Communication and PR.
10:00 - 10:20 participants arrival (please respect the timing)
We will explore the HR processes (jobs analysis, the recruitment need, job announcement, selection, contracting, induction, training, payroll, evaluation, motivation, employees administration etc.) with a special focus on practical tools developed acording to participants' interests and needs.
Methods: nonformal education methods such as ice-breakers, name games, working groups etc.
The workshop is expected to conclude by 6 pm. Participants are required to attend the full workshop.
NEW! During the workshop you will also discover an e-book developped by GEYC on how you can use social media during HR activities: "Social Networks Management Policies"

Target group
We mainly focus young professionals 18-25 years old, but the participants up to 30 years old can still apply. The working language will be English and thus the participants will be required to have at least a conversational level of English.
The participation is free of charge and we will cover all the costs related to the event (facilities, coffee breaks, materials, training etc.). However we are unable to cover travel and accommodation costs for participants outside the city. 
Only 25 spots available. Selection criteria:
  • motivation. Yes, we will speak about HR. We only need very motivated young people!
  • speed: don't worry, no speed test will be applied. We will award the spots on a rolling basis, the firsts to apply will have more chances!
  • if you are a foreigner living in the city, studying, doing a EVS or an internship you will have a priority! We will keep around 5 spots for you!
  • GEYC Community members will also have at least 5 spots reserved! Not yet a member? Apply now, it is so easy!

We are only able to receive online applications sent before the deadline: Monday, July 13th 2015.
Please make sure you answer the extra questions section (mandatory). The applicants failing to provide a satisfactory answer in this section will be automatically rejected. "EXTRA questions: how are IT&C and social media developments influencing human resources management?"

Selected applicants will be announced via e-mail by July 14th. They will need to confirm their place by replying to the confirmation e-mail. Unconfirmed spots will be made available for the participants in the waiting list. They will be announced on July 15th.
The access in the training room is made with your ID card or passport acording to the list of participants. Unconfirmed participants will not be allowed.

Don't worry, we are very fast to answer to your needs. Just give it a try and don't forget to mention you are speaking about "HR Academy". At the same moment we are handling various projects.