16 April 2014

You will not always be this curious or why the European Commission is Europe’s godmother.

Find out more about Erasmus+ and how GEYC can assist you in order to get informed and get engaged!

You can do it the old - fashioned way.
You can go to school, graduate, get a job and carry on with life in the way society finds suitable.
And that is fine. That will assure you some minimal satisfaction for not much distress.
But you can also do more.
You can reach further. You can break from the cycle of social acceptance and get out of your comfort zone. You can get involved and improve in every possible manner, personally and professionally.
You can make a difference. You can struggle. You can learn from all the good and the bad put together and become a better person.
You will not always be this curious, this eager to explore, this courageous.
And now is the perfect time to release that curious self – because there has not been another generation of Europeans given such a huge amount of platforms, projects and programmes through which they can get involved in their communities, in their societies, at a European or worldwide level.
Erasmus+ is just one of them, but maybe the most important one for the young Europeans out there that firmly believe in the European idea and in the possibility to make a difference.
Erasmus + is the European Commission’s new programme supporting activities in the education, training, youth and sport fields, that has replaced the Youth in Action programme, available until 2013.
Erasmus+ aims at boosting all sorts of skills such as employability and cultural awareness across Europe, giving young people the possibility to get involved in all aspects of the society and interact, through different projects, with actors from all fields of activity.
Erasmus+ gives you the necessary resources in order to study, train, volunteer outside of your country and get relevant work experience while supporting transnational partnerships and engaging people from different parts of Europe, no matter their social or cultural background.  
GEYC provides you with the possibility to participate in Erasmus+ projects, all over Europe, meet new people and gain relevant cultural experience. 
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Whoever you are, Erasmus+ and GEYC has a spot for you.
So give it a try, get informed and get engaged!

In March 2013 we celebrated GEYC13 Anniversary