16 February 2014

Call for Romanian participants: “From the Bin To the Gallery” youth exchange in Greece

GEYC is selecting 4 Romanian participants to take part in the "From the Bin To the Gallery" European project that will take place near Serres, north of Greece, from 30th of April till 7th of May 2014. This is a youth exchange project aimed to raise awareness regarding the artistic use of recycled materials.

Please notice that this call is for Romanian participants only. 
Other applications will not be considered. Deadline: 25.02.2014. Apply now!

About the project 
Credits: Wikipedia
"From the Bin to the Gallery" project is a multilateral youth exchange between Greece, Spain, Latvia, Romania & Italy with 4 youths ages 18-25 and one youth leader participating for each country, focusing in Artistic Up cycling as a mean for Youth to enable themselves and their communities to fulfill their need for emotional release through creative expression. The project will take place in the beautiful rural area of north Macedonia (Lefkonas village, suburban region of Serres, Greece). In the midst of the actual worldwide crisis, where art supplies tend to be rather expensive, artistic up cycling provides a viable alternative to reduce the costs of artistic workshops. During this project youths will discover the range of materials or objects with the possibility of up cycling. Learn through hands on experimentation the different possibilities of the objects to be up cycled, discover how recyclable / up cyclable materials are handled in the 5 participating countries leading the discussion to create consciousness on the importance of recycling / up cycling for the environment, foment and encourage a "take what you need" conscience, using role playing games to gain insight on guiding teens through the creative process. Through a workshop for the youngsters of the venue, under the supervision of the project facilitators , the participants will guide the teens in an artistic up cycling experience, applying the skills and knowledge learned throughout the program. Gain reassurance and confidence on their capabilities, given by the completion of a learning--->applying--->sharing know how cycle. The results of the experiences of both youth and teens will be mounted on a exhibition hosted locally. Fostering an acknowledgement and appreciation for each other's cultural identities similarities and differences, creating consciousness on, and providing an environment free of any form of exclusion, are points that are taken in action and emphasized by means of non formal education embedded thru out the activities of the program.

Available places: 4 participants (if possible 2F and 2M)

• until 25th of February - submitting the online applications to office@geyc.ro; Subject: [YE-Greece] - Family name, first name (please pay attention to the subject, otherwise it will become spam and we will not receive your application);  
• until 3rd of March - selection of participants, notifications and confirmations (paying the participation fee - please notice that the participation fee is non-reimbursable);  
• after 3rd of March: organizers will arrange the travel details (please be ready to cover your travel costs: at the moment of the call, the cheaper return flight costs 190 EUR, however we expect a price increase of 20-30 EUR by the moment of purchase, feel free to check Paravion for the current price level). GEYC will support you throughout the booking process and the reimbursement procedure; 
• April, 30th - May, 7th: the exchange takes place: enjoy Greek culture, intercultural exchange and beautiful north of Macedonia region;

Please notice that this call is for Romanian participants only. 
Other applications will not be considered. Deadline: 25.02.2014. Apply now!

Selection criteria 
• Personal and professional motivation;
• Gender balance;
• Age: participants: 18-25 years old;
• English level: at least conversational;
• GEYC volunteers and GEYC Community applicants will have priority to participate;

Financial details: 
The organizers will cover the following costs with the support of the European Commission:
- 100% of meals, accommodation, activities costs;
- 70% of transport costs (as a reimbursement after all justifying documents are provided, in order to confirm the participation on this project, selected participants will be required to advance 100% of the travel costs);

Participants will be required to cover:
- a participation fee covering administrative costs for this project (the fee will be paid in RON, by bank transfer at the exchange rate given by the Romanian National Bank (BNR) for the day of payment; the fee will be paid after the participants are selected. Please don't pay any fee before you receive the confirmation e-mail): 25 EUR for GEYC Community (please note that for this call we will consider the members that joined the Community before February 16th, 2014) applicants and 40 EUR for other applicants (the group leader and GEYC active volunteers are not required to pay the participation fee); 
 - (if needed) medical insurance;
 - (if needed) any other personal costs;

Please notice that this call is for Romanian participants only. 
Other applications will not be considered. Deadline: 25.02.2014. Apply now!

Relevant information 
• In order to travel to Greece, Romanian participants should own a valid ID card or passport.
• Arrangements regarding medical insurance are the responsibility of the participants;

If you have any questions feel free to contact us through the Contact form or by Facebook (as a private message). Please mention ”YE Greece” when you contact us.