22 May 2013

Youth in health: Promoting healthiness among young generations

From May 14th to 20th, 2013, GEYC participated to ”Youth in health: Promoting healthiness among young generations” seminar organized by Associatione TDM 2000 in Lviv, Ukraine, with the financial support of ”Youth in action” programme.

GEYC team
(From left to right: Gabriel Brezoiu,
Xenia Bondareva and Alexandru Bugheanu
The objective of the course was to discuss and analyze the situation of healthy lifestyle in the participating countries: Italy, Ukraine, Romania, Republic of Moldova, Malta, Armenia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Georgia and finally to propose some solutions in order to change something and promote a better lifestyle. 

The discussions focused on the next topics: 
  • sports;
  • nutrition;
  • prevention of sexual diseases;
  • substances abuse (alcohol, drugs, tobacco). 
The main idea of the seminar was to understand diversity and to realize that every country has basically the same problems. It was great to share experience in promoting healthy lifestyle. We have determined weak and strong points regarding what is done in every country and finally all participants have gained knowledge for our future projects. 

In the end of this seminar we have not only discovered new perspectives of self-development, but we realized how great it is to be in multicultural society. The motto of seminar, proposed by the participants was: «Don’t be like a stone». This short sentence has a great sense: You have only one life, and you should fight for it.