07 December 2010

Define me if you can! - european youth exchange

Between October, 31st and November, 8th 2010, GEYC participated to ”Define me if you can” - an european youth exchange in the frame of EU ”Youth in action” Program being held in the scouts camp of Ilion, Athens, Greece.

Organised by the Group for Social Inclusion!
An informal youth group consisted of people of immigrant backgrounds and other people with an active interest in current issues concerning social inclusion, immigration, xenophobia, etc. Our aim is to contribute towards a more culturally fair society, where diversity is not judged, where equality prevails in all sectors of everyday life (work, education, etc).

The programme
This programme was created in the framework of an effort to bring together young Europeans from different backgrounds and with different cultures in order to meet each other, get to know each other’s culture and learn from one another. We believe that activities such as these can raise the awareness of the public in such issues and turn their attention to important subjects such as racism, stereotypes and cultural diversity.

The tool used throughout this effort is non-formal education, such as workshops, interactive games and cultural activities, as well as round table discussions.

On Saturday, November 6th, at 21.30 the participants presented the result of this exchange in the small theatre of the scout camp in Ilion, Athens.