14 December 2010

ConsTRUST was selected for Citizen Act international CSR competition!

On Tuesday, December 14th, the reprezentatives of "Groupe Societe Generale" - the organizer of the "Citizen Act" challenge, announced the selected teams for the next stage . ConsTRUST, GEYC's project in the competition was one of the selected projects in the commercial field.

About the competition
The purpose of this game is to organise an interactive human encounter enabling students from engineering and business study courses in higher education establishments and universities throughout the world to engage with Société Générale in its thought processes in relation to problems facing society and the environment.

The teams selected will be tasked with animating and promoting a Wikiblog in their school or university covering a topic of their choice relevant to Corporate and Social Responsibility from the 2nd of February 2011 to the 6th of March 2011 midnight GMT, in conjunction with a Société Générale staff member called a Coach.
A ‘buzzarometer’ will be displayed on the Wikiblog enabling students to promote their project on social networks. The buzz generated on the Internet will be taken into account for marking the project.

About ConsTRUST
ConsTRUST is GEYC's CSR proposal in this competition, being one of the three selected projects from Romania.  Based on market researches, ConsTRUST project brings a revolutionary idea regarding costless financial consulting for NGOs and micros.
By being the most vulnerable types of organizations is important for them to achieve financial stability.
On the other hand, any bank wants to receive as many grant applications and loyal customers as possible. The solution is free financial consulting related to the internal financial management; the key among consultants and customers is a communication platform.

What's up?!
If you'd like to know more about ConsTRUST, to get involved somehow in the project or maybe to promote it among the representatives of the target group, do not hesitate to contact us!