19 December 2010

First prize at ”CS '10" National Competition

GEYC's team won the first prize at ”Case Study '10" National Competition - PricewaterhouseCoopers's case study on the subject of creating a HR Communication Campaign. ”Case Study '10" National Competition is an annual event organized by VWI Estiem Bucharest.

What is Case Study?

Case Study is a case study competition organized by VWI ESTIEM Bucharest (Student Association for German speaking Economists, a member of ESTIEM - European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management) for students, master and doctoral students from all faculties in the country. In 2003 he held the first edition of the Case Study, which was also the first time a student association organized a contest of its kind in Romania. The idea of this type of competition came from the awareness of students need to understand how it works and how a company sets its development strategy. Until now there were five editions of this competition, with an average edition of seven different case studies and approximately 140 students participating.

How does the Case Study?

The participating companies shows the problems (real or fictional) for the participating teams must provide a solution. These case studies cover various fields, both technical and economic, and communication. On the first day of competition, each company which organizes training in all the shows and offer relevant information for developing the solution. Students are also presented and the approach desired by companies to solve the case study. Participants are allowed to use all sources available to them. Time thinking and research to provide a solution is two days. After these two days, presentations were held solutions, and the best solution for each case study is awarded.

GEYC's project

GEYC's campaign was called "Seize your potential. Advising for you!" being a HR communication project for PricewaterhouseCoopers. The main topics of the project were the originality and the wish to be a trend setter in the field.
GEYC's team components were: Adelina Dobra, Simona Hura and Gabriel Brezoiu.