Resources Center

GEYC Resources Center offers tools and publications that can be used free of charge by interested parties.

Our methods

An innovative online internship programme in which young people all around the world can join, develop their new media skills for social good and power-up raising awareness campaigns.

Euro Casino is a non-formal education method, useful for youth workers to sum up and evaluate a workshop / training course / youth exchange etc, as well as for youths and adults to assess their own learning process. Discover the method

Offline Twitter is a non-formal education method which can be used to engage all participants in a conversation, no matter their experience and self confidence to express themselves in a big group. Discover the method

Face2Facebook is a non-formal education method which can be used in the beginning of the project, as a getting to know each other game and during the project to build the group. Discover the method

Hunger Games is a non-formal education activity, aiming to support the visibility & dissemination strategy of the project in a fun and interactive way by directly involving the participants throughout the all project. Discover the method

Our quality standard

EQYP (European Quality in Youth Projects) is a quality standard focused on 5 pillars: project management, PR&Communications, financial planning, partnerships, and nonformal education, as well as 3 dimensions: green, social, digital.
➤ in 2016, PRISMA European Network adopted EQYP

Our publications

A database of the tools, reports, toolkits, manuals, and templates created by GEYC and its partners.








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