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Cooperation Center

Cooperation Center
Includes GEYC's activities in the field of networking, structured dialogue, and policy-making in the youth field.

Our directions

Represents our informal network of 250+ teachers (from 100+ secondary and high schools in Romania) to whom it provides a large variety of educational tools, campaigns, cooperation opportunities and exchange of practices. edu.geyc.ro

Establishing long term cooperation with organisations and networks that share the same values and quality standards as us. PRISMA Network
ALDA Network
Anna Lindh Foundation Network
Civicus Alliance
Democracy International
DYPALL Network
Green4C Alliance
Skillman Network
New European Bauhaus

Challenging the status quo by creating new standards, policies, platforms and approaches in the youth field, by involving the relevant stakeholders. Engaging youth through consultations in structured dialogue processes with relevant policy-makers such as the European Parliament, the European Commission, and the Council of Europe.
Between 2022-2024, our colleague Alexandru MANDA was representing GEYC Community and PRISMA European Network in the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe.
United Nations / ECOSOC
European Parliament
European Commission
Council of Europe

In order to increase our impact at the grassroots level, we initiate long-term Strategic Cooperation programmes with the aim to get a better understanding of the needs and to create tailor made solutions for youth, youth workers and teachers. Pentru Câmpina Europeană (2021-2025)
Constanța pentru TINEri (2021-2024)
Support Moldova (2016-2018)

Our activities


Represents our informal network of teachers and educational institutions from Romania.


PrismaEU gathers youth organisations aiming to raise their quality through digital youth work. Founded in 2015 by GEYC.

ALDA Network Anna Lindh Foundation CIVICUS Demnocracy International Green4C Alliance Skillman Network New European Bauhaus


www.edys.eu - Bi-annual high-level event initiated in 2014 - European Parliament patronage - current issues for the digital youth

Enable community members to influence our activities, strategy, and interactions with policymakers.

Strategic Cooperation

Working with the Municipality of Câmpina (RO) to consolidate the youth sector through education, volunteering, mobilities and capacity building.

Cooperating with FTC to empower youth in Constanța County to advocate for youth centers and establish a strong connection with local authorities.

Supported the European accession of the Republic of Moldova - developing soft, hard and transverse skills for young people, NGOs and authorities.