06 June 2024

DisinformACTION dissemination event | Disinformation and its impact on elections and climate

On June 5, 2024, GEYC organized a dissemination event for the project "DisinformACTION," in partnership with the Diaspora Solidarity Group and hosted by the European Parliament Liaison Office in Romania. Titled "Disinformation and its impact on elections and climate," the event aimed to explore the profound ramifications of disinformation on both electoral processes and environmental concerns.

The event brought together representatives from civil society to share insights and experiences regarding the influence of disinformation. Against the backdrop of Romania's unique scenario, which sees all four major elections coinciding in the same year, the event served as a platform for robust discussions and proactive engagement.

At the heart of the DisinformACTION project is a concerted effort to counter climate change disinformation through youth e-participation. The project, spanning 24 months, is a collaborative endeavor undertaken by a consortium comprising four organizations: GEYC from Romania, RESOPA from France, MiHi from Latvia, and EuroMuevete from Spain.

The overarching objective of DisinformACTION is twofold: firstly, to empower young individuals with the skills to discern and combat online climate change disinformation and misinformation, and secondly, to inspire them to take on active roles as citizens within their local communities, particularly concerning environmental and climate-related issues.

The dissemination event served as a pivotal moment to highlight the significance of informed civic engagement, especially among the youth demographic. By fostering dialogue and awareness around the threat of disinformation, the initiative seeks to encourage greater participation and informed decision-making, particularly in the context of upcoming elections.

As Romania prepares for a landmark year of elections, the DisinformACTION dissemination event stands as a testament to the power of collective action and the imperative of combating disinformation in all its forms. It is a call to arms for proactive engagement, informed decision-making, and a steadfast commitment to safeguarding the integrity of democratic processes and environmental sustainability.