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10 February 2024

The Rights Hero Multiplier Event in Romania - Empowering children through education


The recent "The Rights Hero" Multiplier Event held at Scoala Gimnaziala "Stefan cel Mare" Focsani on the 9th of February was a resounding success, bringing together educators, students, and advocates to reflect on the impact of gamification in promoting children's rights. Hosted as part of the broader "The Rights Hero" project, the event aimed to showcase the transformative power of educational games in raising awareness and empowering children to understand and advocate for their rights.

Choosing the specific school to host the event was not random, but motivated by the interest showed by their teachers in using the Rights Hero educational game, the school becoming one of the Rights Hero European Centers in Romania.

Event Overview:

With a duration of two hours, the event featured a dynamic agenda designed to engage participants through various interactive sessions. 

The event started with an insightful presentation of the project team highlighting the project's objectives and showcasing the results achieved. Testimonials from passionate educators provided firsthand accounts of the project's implementation and its profound impact on classroom dynamics and student engagement.

A highlight of the event was the round table discussion on gamification as a tool for raising awareness of children's rights. Participants delved into the intricacies of incorporating game-based learning strategies to foster a deeper understanding of rights among children. The exchange of ideas and experiences fostered rich dialogue and inspired innovative approaches to education.

"Incorporating gamification into education transforms learning from a task to a thrilling adventure, where children not only absorb knowledge but actively engage with it." (Vida Gabriela, teacher and representative of the school inspectorate of the county of Vrancea)

"Teaching children about their rights is not merely an academic exercise; it's an investment in their future as informed and empowered citizens of the world. Educating children about their rights is a lifelong journey, one that begins in the classroom but extends far beyond, shaping the kind of society we aspire to create for future generations." (Ungureanu Doinita, School Principal)

This was followed by an interactive activity conducted with children, based on the educational game developed as part of the project. A feedback session was conducted to gather insights from the children on their experience with the game and the teaching methods employed. Their feedback proved invaluable, offering valuable perspectives on what resonated with them, areas for improvement, and suggestions for future activities.

Key Takeaways:

The event provided invaluable insights and inspiration for all participants, reaffirming the importance of collaborative efforts in advancing children's rights through education. Key takeaways from the event include:

  • The transformative impact of gamification in engaging students and fostering a deeper understanding of children's rights.
  • The critical role of educators in implementing innovative teaching methods and empowering students to become advocates for change.
  • The significance of ongoing collaboration and knowledge-sharing in driving meaningful progress in children's rights advocacy.

As we reflect on the success of "The Rights Hero" Multiplier Event, we are reminded of the collective responsibility to ensure that every child is equipped with the knowledge and tools to exercise their rights and fulfill their potential. Moving forward, it is imperative that we continue to harness the power of education and innovation to create a more just and equitable world for all children.