26 January 2024

Publication | GaminGEE - Guides for Educators and Families

This guide was created with the aim of being a reference for educators and families in terms of information and resources on issues related to sexual education for children and teenagers between the ages of 9 and 15. Specifically, the guide aims to provide information and materials in the field of prevention of inappropriate gender and sexual behaviour and sexual education in values from an early age. The main contents covered are equality, sexual diversity, consensus and consent, self-care, caring for others, love and emotions, stereotypes, and the consumption of pornography.

The different topics of the guide have been elaborated after an exhaustive review of the scientific literature and the participation of different interest groups, thanks to the collaborative work of experts in the field from different European countries.

In today’s society, there can still be a lack of knowledge in formal education about issues related to sexuality education, not only about what they involve, but also about when it is most appropriate to start talking about them in the classroom or how it is best to approach them. This guide will help educators and families to decide in how they can approach some of the issues related to sexuality education that may be complicated.

Published in January 2024 | Find here