24 January 2024

Celebrating the International Day of Education: Recognizing educational excellence in the DisinformACTION! and The Rights Hero projects

On this International Day of Education, we take great pleasure in acknowledging the commitment and dedication of the schools that have actively participated in the DisinformACTION! and The Rights Hero projects. These initiatives, funded by the European Commission, exemplify our collective efforts to enhance the educational experience and empower both students and educators.

DisinformACTION! - Countering climate change disinformation through youth e-participation

DisinformACTION! is a 24-month project implemented by a consortium of four organizations, aiming to boost young people's ability to identify and counter online misinformation related to climate change. The program encourages them to become active citizens in their local communities, particularly concerning climate and environmental issues.

Educational Impact:

The teachers have been trained to deliver four one-hour sessions forming the Climate Change Ambassadors Methodology:

Chapter 1: Critical Online Citizens

Chapter 2: Effective Online Communication

Chapter 3: Digital Tools for Online Engagement

Chapter 4: Climate Change Ambassadors

During these sessions, students acquired knowledge on identifying online misinformation, especially regarding climate change issues, and learned about useful digital tools for online activism, all through non-formal education methods. By implementing these sessions in the classroom, teachers contributed to educating students in these crucial areas.


The title of "Centru European DisinformACTION" has been awarded to the top 3 schools that have sent the highest number of teachers for training:

  • Colegiul Național” Vladimir Streinu”, Găești
  • Colegiul Național “Roman-Vodă”, Roman
  • Liceul Teoretic "Carol I", Fetești

The Rights Hero

The Rights Hero, funded through the Erasmus+ program, aims to increase children's awareness of their rights, addressing the existing challenges and inequalities exacerbated by the post-pandemic context.

Educational Impact:

Access to a free educational game about children's rights

17 lesson plans and instructions for teachers to organize activities in the classroom

For accomplishing project goals, teachers participating in the online webinars received free access to all educational materials and guidance on implementing proposed activities with students.


The title of "Centru European The Rights Hero" has been awarded to the top 4 schools that have sent the highest number of teachers for training:

  • Școala Gimnazială " Şerban Cioculescu" Găeşti
  • Școala Gimnazială Nr.1 Stoenești 
  • Școala Gimnazială „Ștefan cel Mare” Focșani 
  • Colegiul Național “Roman-Vodă”, Roman

On this special occasion, we express our gratitude to all participating schools and educators for their significant contributions to these projects. Their dedication exemplifies the spirit of International Day of Education, emphasizing the transformative power of education in shaping a better future for all.