11 December 2023

Unlocking Climate Consciousness: Conclusions of EFIVOS Workshop on "The EU and Climate Change: Policies, Agenda, Institutions and Actions"


In a transformative two-hour workshop held at Colegiul National “Elena Cuza” in Bucharest, Romania, 10th-grade high school students engaged in a dynamic exploration of the European Union's profound commitment to addressing climate change aimed to deepen the students' understanding of key EU policies, institutions, and actions related to climate change.

The workshop was meticulously planned based on the insights from Pacto Verde Org's digital presentation, taking into account the local context, daily challenges faced by students, and prevalent cultural conversations around climate change. The activities included thought-provoking conversations guided by the digital presentation, contextualized debates, and interactive sessions using Mentimeter to gather long-form answers.

Reactions and Knowledge Impact:
The students, initially vaguely aware of the relevance of climate change, expressed heightened interest and intrigue as they delved into the EU's substantial involvement in addressing the issue. The workshop triggered a shift in their perspective, with real-world discussions about their day-to-day problems garnering the most interest. The students were pleasantly surprised by the EU's extensive commitment and the direct impact on their lives.

Results and Materials Produced:
A Mentimeter report and a comprehensive PDF document were generated, encapsulating the students' responses to open-ended questions and word clouds. The materials served as a valuable record of the students' evolving perspectives and insights gained during the workshop.

Student Thoughts and Insights:
The students, having participated in discussions about renewable energy and various EU programs, expressed a keen interest in understanding how renewable energy could be made more accessible. They conveyed appreciation for the EU's significant investments and efforts in combating climate change, and their awareness of the EU's role grew substantially.

As the workshop concluded, a palpable sense of empowerment filled the room. The students left with a newfound awareness of the EU's extensive initiatives, inspired to translate this knowledge into personal commitments for a sustainable future. The workshop not only bridged the gap in their understanding of climate change but also ignited a sense of responsibility and agency among the students in addressing environmental challenges.