13 December 2023

From Theory to Practice: Results of EFIVOS Workshop on Effective Communication

In a dynamic workshop hosted at Colegiul National “Elena Cuza” in Bucharest, Romania, we aimed to equip 28 young students with a comprehensive understanding of different communication platforms, from face-to-face interactions to digital messages on social media. Facilitated by an engaging presentation and interactive Mentimeter sessions, the students explored the design process behind crafting messages that resonate and achieve desired outcomes.

Workshop Overview:

The workshop began by defining the concept of a "message" and distinguishing between various communication mediums. Students critically analyzed messages from well-known public figures, assessing their effectiveness in conveying a particular tone and achieving specific goals. The interactive session also involved creating messages on issues that resonated with the participants, fostering a deeper connection with the topic.


Inspired by the Young Digital Leaders project, the workshop planners meticulously considered the students' context, everyday challenges, and cultural conversations. The flow of the workshop seamlessly integrated serious discussions with lighthearted elements to maintain energy levels and foster an environment conducive to learning.

Activities included brainstorming sessions, defining communication goals, and creating messages on topics the students cared about. The use of digital tools like Mentimeter facilitated real-time engagement, allowing participants to contribute their thoughts and insights.

Reactions and Insights:

Being a philology class, the students exhibited a high level of interest in the communication topic. They actively participated in discussions, expressing surprise at how easily messages could be misinterpreted and appreciating the nuances involved in effective communication.

Knowledge Transformation:

While the students possessed a basic understanding of communication before the workshop, they emerged with a nuanced perspective on crafting messages that not only achieve goals but also consider diverse stakeholder groups. The workshop empowered them to discern between communication that merely conveys information and communication that truly resonates and influences.


As the workshop concluded, the students felt informed and eager to apply their newfound knowledge. The Mentimeter results, collated into a comprehensive PDF document, serve as a testament to the students' engagement and the success of the workshop. By navigating the art of effective communication, these philology students are poised to become adept digital communicators, capable of crafting messages that make a lasting impact in various contexts.