21 August 2023

Sustainable NGOs Research Report Launch: How the Youth NGOs See and Practice Sustainability

Executive summary

The study revealed that the respondents generally had some knowledge about sustainability, SDGs, as well as practices of the government, NGOs and education. However, they were usually unable to provide specific details or to confidently identify cause-effect links.

The three countries shared common concerns regarding environmental issues, with a noteworthy emphasis on recognising importance of their rising visibility thanks to both media coverage and the actions of environmental activists. Moreover, the top-priority action recommended for the Government was to "Educate the public on sustainability." This measure is closely aligned with EU guidance outlined in the European Green Deal and Greencomp frameworks.

As green initiatives have become increasingly prominent in recent years, the expectations of the (young) NGO representatives have expanded across diverse directions:

  • Personal Skill Enhancement: Improving their green skills and integrating them into projects and organisations.
  • Educational System Upgrade: Aiming to modernise formal education to reflect the latest sustainability trends and better educate the youth on sustainable development.
  • Government Involvement: Expecting support for stakeholder groups and active participation in reducing carbon emissions, adopting sustainable policies, and funding green infrastructure.

Among young people, the increasing importance of green causes is resulting in stronger environmental activism. The youth and youth workers also share concerns when it comes to greenwashing and accountability.

Published in August 2023 | Download the Report