30 November 2022

Publication | Toolkit - Making Authentic Projects and Fostering the Inclusion of Youth from Isolated Communities (MAP MO’REAL YOUth)

MAP MO’REAL YOUth is a TC coordinated by RESOPA - France focused on the improvement of youth workers’ skills in terms of project management with relations to the inclusion of youth in isolated communities as well as their participation in the development of their communities.

Many youth workers who work either professionally or informally with young people usually lack adequate skills to motivate local youth to engage in local activities as well as contribute to the development of their territories.

Also, in addition to problems with motivating such youth to participate, youth work project managers often find difficulties finding adequate opportunities that respond to the needs of their youth and this could be due to their isolation from opportunities hubs and lack of access to funds.

Our project seeks to train project managers on how to include youth in their communities in the community development process through youth participation as well as promote the ERASMUS+ programme to them so that they become aware of the various opportunities available to them as isolated organizations.

This Toolkit was put together by GEYC, with the contribution of all the partners and participants in the project. You can find the publication here.