20 February 2023

Publication | My CREAction4EU Guide

This Guide was developed as part of the CREAction4EU project coordinated by RESOPA - France and implemented with the help of GEYC, Insite Drama (Hungary) and JO Education (Italy).

This guide was created with the hope to be a useful resource for anyone interested in trying to launch themselves in the world of cultural and creative entrepreneurship and embark on their own venture, especially in the CREAction 4 EU partner countries. Consortium partners collected useful information about the status of the cultural and creative industries and, most importantly, the ways the pandemic affected them to ultimately show that there is always space for innovation and entrepreneurship even during crises.

The focus of this project and, most importantly, the focus of the CREAction4EU Ambassadors gamified digital course was young people, and with this in mind, the team tried to promote, develop and enrich their entrepreneurship skills within the context of the creative industries; creative entrepreneurship was the core concept that was used throughout the eight-week course, while the design-thinking methodology was applied to show how it can be a useful tool to uncover untapped areas of intervention and guide participants from an initial business idea to a concrete business plan. An entire part of this guide was dedicated to explaining in detail each step of this process, in an effort to inspire and offer a framework that is understandable and can easily be implemented by anyone interested, regardless of their experience or background knowledge in entrepreneurship. It was the same process that was followed by the CREAction4EU Ambassadors, who finished the course reporting high satisfaction rates; besides the technical skills offered by the program, they found networking and peer support opportunities invaluable.

It is these two elements that, in our opinion, make the secret sauce for boosting cultural entrepreneurship among young people: accessibility of the tools and frameworks for all and creation of peer networks across Europe that promote cooperation and foster creativity and innovation among them.

You can access the publication here.