01 July 2022

Publication | Handbook for Youth Workers - Best Practices in Youth Entrepreneurship


This Handbook was developed as part of the CREAction4EU project coordinated by RESOPA - France and implemented with the help of GEYC, Insite Drama (Hungary) and JO Education (Italy).

Our goal was to develop best practices that can support youth workers and can provide them new perspectives, open new horizons and can strengthen them in their mission. Furthermore not only youth workers but also the youth themselves could use these best practices in their work as well as in their future building new possibilities on these foundations.

The best practices are theoretically grounded on the EntreComp: the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework’s definition and build the skills, competences and attitudes defined there. According to this entrepreneurship competence refers to the capacity to act upon opportunities and ideas, and to transform them into values for others. It is founded upon creativity, critical thinking and problem solving, taking initiative and perseverance and the ability to work collaboratively in order to plan and manage projects that are of cultural, social or financial value.

All four partners focused on a different field of entrepreneurship competence - based on the situation analysis made after the survey and the fields the partners are specialized in.

You can access the publication here.