03 July 2023

It's a wrap: Causeland Ambassadors digital course announced its graduates

Causeland Ambassadors was a two-month innovative gamified training program, based on the successful experience of the New Media Ambassadors, program created by GEYC in 2013, making it the 10th edition. From 69 enrolled, 23 passed the mid-program check with 18 successfully graduating it and 5 receiving the Magna cum laude distinction. 

During this program, participants joined a learning networking and learning private digital space, where they could access various resources and solve various individual and team tasks. The training team provided constructive feedback to each of them and encouraged peer-to-peer learning, so a continuous development process was fostered. The 8 modules covered various topics such as Establishing an NGO, Social Entrepreneurship, Strategy and planning, Budget & Reporting, Team leadership & Management, Communication and Public Relations, Digital competencies, and Human Resources. Thus, through this practical training for youth, we promoted, developed and enriched the NGO sector among young people.


It was a great learning experience which has enriched my perspective on how NGOs work. Team cohesion is very important, as the team is only as strong as its weakest team member… that's why it is important that all team members' opinions are taken into consideration and that the team shares a common goal. I have been reminded once again that communication is key to both personal and professional life. (Daniela, Romania, NMA10)

I have always struggled with time management, but I believe that this project has continuously pushed me to do my work and submit it within the given deadline. I also appreciate that we were provided with digital competence tests, because it is truly important to know what your strengths and weaknesses are and what to work on. (Cristina, Bulgaria, NMA10)

I’m normally behind the camera, not in front of it. But I appreciated an opportunity to leave my comfort zone, so pitching our ideas in a short video was mostly about that for me—leaving one’s comfort zone—which otherwise could have been accomplished in writing. Watching other people’s videos was so cool! (A.M, Iceland, NMA10)

Attending this online camp was very important both to have a better understanding on where I am in my NGO learning journey, learning new tools and concepts and setting my next steps in this world. I have now quite a long list of digital tools to master and to spread with the people I am working with. I have refreshed the importance of both soft and hard skills and tools in the life of an organisation and a person. Most of all, I have received input that will help me and my future team to better manage time, resources and have a deeper insight on the different levels that compose a NGO, especially on the legal level, which I did not know and I am even more interested in digging into. (E.I, Italy)

The program was created under the framework of the KA2 Erasmus+ project – Get to know the NGO sector - Lead the Change - Causeland. The project is run by a consortium with four participating countries, namely Romania (GEYC), Italy (Tu First), Iceland (North Consulting) and Bulgaria (Bfree and Concepti) and aims to develop training materials and guidelines that can be used by organizations in Europe and worldwide to provide their target audience with knowledge about the NGO sector, focusing on soft skills (teamwork, interpersonal and communication skills, time management, etc.) and practical knowledge. This way the employability of the youth will be fostered, and the NGO sector will get more prepared professionals.