17 November 2022

The road to a creative business - CREAction4EU blended mobility

The CREAction4EU blended mobility gathered young people for whom taking responsibility for shaping a sustainable common future is the way forward! Our project consortium believes in the digital power to inspire outstanding ideas, to stimulate creativity and initiative, to challenge the status quo, which is why we designed this blended approach, in order to help young people refine their creative business idea and provide them with support and tools for their entrepreneurial journeys.

The primary objective of the blended mobility was to promote youth participation in European civic life through digital means and envisioning the new narrative that takes into account the evolving reality of the European continent, strongly affected by the current pandemic.

The aim of the blended mobility was to develop youth's entrepreneurial skills and prepare them to launch their creative enterprises or to develop them in case they are already active in the field and gathered graduates of the CREAction4EU Ambassadors course, as well as other young entrepreneurs motivated to open their creative business.

In the dedicated Facebook group, during the week before the live activity, the participants were invited to introduce themselves and their business ideas and resources about the used concepts have been shared for individual research. These were later used during the activities.

During the live activities, using various non-formal education methods, the participants could explore topics such as:

  • Design Thinking as a tool for entrepreneurship - The trainer introduced the design thinking methodology, sharing more materials with the group in the Facebook group as well. Participants started working in design thinking groups, trying to decide on the communities they want to impact and starting to gather more information about them in the empathize step of the design thinking methodologies. An empashis was put on the specificity of the methodology in adopting the solution based thinking rather than the problem based thinking, and the participants, together with the trainer, debated and found ways to switch their mindsets to adapt to this methodology. Still in the design thinking teams, the participants prototyped their business solutions, getting a chance to test them among their peers and then present them in front of the whole group to get a collective feedback. 
  • Business Canvas Model - In the design thinking teams, the participants have used Business Canvas model as a tool to better asses their business idea. In the end of the session, each team got a chance to go through all the factors that influence a business, ending up with a short business plan.
  • Setting objectives: SWOT, PEST, SMARTER- Quality in entrepreneurship
  • Digital tools for project management
  • Digital tools for content creation
  • Time, change and risk management
Besides these topics, the participants also had the chance to participate in a roundtable with creative enterprises - interacting with 2 creative entrepreneurs in a roundtable setting, where the local entrepreneurs started describing their journey and then answered all the questions from the group regarding business strategy, journey, choices, etc. 

In addition to this, they could test the learning scenarios developed as part of this KA2 project and available here: https://webapp.creaction-project.eu/

After the mobility, in the dedicated Facebook group, participants got more information and extra methods based on their requests during the activity, they got a chance to discuss new tools with the trainer and their peers. Participants got a chance to have 1 on 1 online coaching sessions with the trainer about their business ideas, and 2 participants took this opportunity in the form of 1 to 1 calls (1hr each) and other participants have contacted the trainer with specific questions over messenger.

The mobility was organized under the framework of the CREAction4EU KA2 project, coordinated by RESOPA - Reseau Solidaire et Participatif (France) and implemented with the help of GEYC (Romania), JO Education (Italy) and InSite Drama (Hungary) and was hosted in Bucharest, Romania, between 5-11th of October, 2022. 

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