14 November 2022

New European Bauhaus (NEB)

Have you heard about the New European Bauhaus initiative? What would it be like to contribute to a sustainable and inclusive future to look up to? 

Well, this is what the New European Bauhaus initiative is all about. Through the New European Bauhaus, the European Green Deal is brought into our everyday lives and living spaces. It promotes climate protection when building our environment and supports sustainable and inclusive living spaces. Moreover, the New European Bauhaus facilitates and steers society’s transformation along the three important principles: sustainability, aesthetics and inclusion. In other words, a future that is appealing to our eyes, minds and hearts.

In this initiative, people such as citizens or experts and institutions are brought together to discuss sustainable living in Europe and the future of our planet, imagining the way they could live, work and spend their free time, but in a greener way. The most important aspect regarding this is that young people are the most important stakeholders in the co-creation process because they represent the future and are open to change. Doing so, sustainable urban planning will be also about connecting people, cultural diversity and social inclusion.

As a result of this initiative and bringing different stakeholders together, there could be new perspectives and solutions towards problems regarding urban planning, raising awareness and promoting alternatives when it comes to the protection of our environment. Furthermore, it promotes the inclusion of citizens in taking actions and decisions that could influence their quality of life and living space. Therefore, the projects need to have a strong foundation for equality accessibility and affordability.

As our project #Youth4Bauhaus has started, we are very happy to be able to empower and engage young people to practice their democracy in participatory processes in regard to public space co-creation in a sustainable, greener, and inclusive way- in the spirit of the New European Bauhaus (beautiful, sustainable, and together).

For more information about the New European Bauhaus, you can read here and here.