07 June 2022

The start of a new KA2 project: Inclusive communication: Diversity as a Lever of Performance!

 Despite the fact that Europe is diverse and aspires to be an open and inclusive space when we analyse the generalised way in which it communicates institutionally and socially, we realise that communication persists and is not adjusted to the plurality of citizens and which, therefore, is discriminatory and excludes. Even the inapplicability of inclusive communication also happens on the part of vulnerable groups themselves, which tend to reproduce attitudes of exclusion and discrimination towards other groups. Recognising communication as a powerful tool, as "It is a medium that serves to shape our attitudes, perceptions and behaviour and reflects the world in which we aspire to live and work" (Council of the EU), this project will work on the identification, transfer/sharing and exploitation of good practices in the field of Inclusive Communication and Language.

Within this project, a seminar will be held with the activity focused on sharing good practices in the field of inclusion, diversity, and inclusive communication and language. Each partner in this seminar will share their experiences and then reflect and debate on all the practices and experiences identified so that there is a consensus on the "best". Emphasis will be placed on capacity building on non-formal education and project themes, including positive communication; active listening and the importance of feedback; the influence that the use of concepts has on inclusion; mechanisms to be adopted in the production of accessible content and documents and in the presentation of information; how to meet the public with fewer opportunities and make the media - present and digital - accessible; deconstruction of stereotypes and prejudices even of people in a situation of fewer opportunities than others (these topics will then be worked directly with young people in Local Sessions).

In addition, there will be a Youth Exchange in Portugal which aims to:

- To allow young people, with and without fewer opportunities, an opportunity for international mobility, where diversity, equity, inclusion and social cohesion are promoted and where the potential of all is recognised and encouraged;

- To allow young people, with and without fewer opportunities, to present their projects developed during the Local Sessions and to debate them, with the aim of improving them (namely in the following Local Sessions);

- To allow young people, with and without opportunities, to interact, communicate, cooperate, debate and share with other young people, from different realities and contexts, in order to encourage their involvement in future dynamics that may potentiate the improvement of their opportunities.

The aim of the project is to promote the social inclusion of vulnerable young people (emphasis on women, ethnic minorities, migrants and young people with disabilities).

  • Build the capacity of youth workers and organisations to adopt inclusive communication and to raise awareness among young people and the community at large to adopt it;
  • Give young people - particularly those with fewer opportunities - the possibility to explore inclusive communication issues and understand how to apply them in their daily lives
  • Demystify situations of social vulnerability, in favour of diversity and equity.


Period: March 2022 - May 2023

Funded by: Erasmus+ KA2, Partnerships for Cooperation - Small-Scale Partnerships

Project ID: KA210-YOU-1CA6708F