26 May 2022

Publication: Impact report in the frame of the Empactpreneuriat KA2 E+ project

The aim of this paper is to conduct a research process which will investigate the impact of various youth-led projects in our countries to assess their impact on the overall attainment of SDGs.

The need for this output evolves from the fact that despite our observations that youth work and young people, in general, have huge potential to contribute positively to the attainment of SDGs and to community development, we need to know what is actually being done at various European local levels (starting from the 4 partner countries) in order to assess their contribution to our aims and objectives as well as base on them to propose, advice and or promote the existing practices. The impact report comes as a much-needed output that will help bring to light existing local practices at various socio-spatial levels but also permit us to quantify and measure the impact of the projects that will be analyzed during the process. Based on the report we can affirm or infirm the roles of youth work projects so far. Also, through this report, we can have a premise to build the IO2 (digital guide on good practices) that will help educate more youth workers and young entrepreneurs on how to design, plan and implement projects that have environmental protection, SDGs and community development at their core. This will not only help in achieving some of the goals and objectives of the ERASMUS+ programme which seek to make young people participate in community building and its development while being active citizens.

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