10 May 2022

#PRORuralHeritage 2nd Transnational Project Meeting, Moncalieri, Italy

The KA2 Erasmus+ project- Promote Rural Heritage by Youth Workers goes back to Moncalieri, this time for the second transnational meeting of the project.

During this meeting, the consortium aimed to check the evolution of the project, by assessing logistical, financial, dissemination, quality and participation related aspects. Representatives of all partners (Ser Joven, Cantabruri, Joint, Diramarsi and GEYC) had 2 very intense days trying to both think about what happened so far as well as plan future activities.

At the end of the TPM, learning materials for the next blended learning mobility in Cantabria were drafted, the mobility's plan was discussed and the selection approach was agreed upon.

The second part of the second day of the meeting was dedicated to coming into contact with local entrepreneurs, so our team members got the chance to visit the Munlab Clay museum in Cambiano, Torino, a place with over 20 years of activity that has saved over 4.089+ kg of CO2 by using renewable energy from clay, so a true gem when it comes to sustainable entrepreneurship and rural heritage.

While having a guided tour around the premises and getting acquainted with the history of the clay in the area, we also had a chance to find out about the renaturalization practices of Munlab, which, after finishing exploiting a site, makes sure they leave it as full of life and fertile as they found it.

Last part of the tour meant getting hands on experience, as we got to work with clay, modeling it into a plate that had natural patterns (leaves used as an imprint, white clay used for decorating).

You can see more about our experience in the pictures bellow.

Clay plant

Team listening to explanations about clay

Team listening to the renaturalization process

Team chose leaves to decorate plates

Team working with clay

Most of finished products

Clay wind chimes

3D printed clay

We didn't start the story, but we are continuing it- the motto of Munlab.