06 March 2022

The start of a new KA2 project: Youth 4 Bauhaus!

Youth 4 Bauhaus 

The idea to submit the Youth 4 Bauhaus project emerged with the launching of the New European Bauhaus initiative, where GEYC is a partner. NEBI is a green initiative of the European Union, bringing together the aspects of sustainable development, beauty, and democracy under one roof to build beautiful, sustainable and inclusive places to live together. Young people have to play an important role in the discussion, as this discussion is not only about the physical framework influencing the way they will live, work and spend their free time in the future, but about the future of our planet. And it is them that risk not being consulted. 

The aim of the project is the capacity building of organisations in the use of innovative approaches to empower and engage young people to practice their democracy in participatory processes in regards to public space co-creation in the city in a sustainable, greener, and inclusive way- in the spirit of the New European Bauhaus (beautiful, sustainable, and together). Through the proposed activities, the project refers to the Youth Goals, mainly YG1- Connecting EU with Youth, YG9- Space and Participation for all, and YG10 Sustainable Green Europe.


  • To increase the capacity of the partners to involve and consult the young people in the high school age on issues related to sustainable urban planning, recreating the cities’ brownfield and unused public spaces within the green New European Bauhaus approach. 
  • To create one transferable methodology (NEBI-enabler toolkit), explaining NEBI and green transition to young people and teachers/trainers by mid-2024.
  • To develop one innovative digital tool by mid-2024 for allowing young people to formulate, visualize and present their opinions on sustainable cities and planning.
  • To include 40 young people in an inclusive and co-creation manner in the production of project results by mid-2024
Partners: GEYC, Creative Industry Kosice (Slovakia), Teatro Circo de Braga (Portugal) and CollectiveUP (Belgium)

Period: March 2022 - July 2024

Funded by: Erasmus+ KA2, Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices in the field of youth

Project ID: 2021-2-SK02-KA220-YOU-000050748