05 March 2022

Let's start our new KA2 project: Green Cities of YOUth!

“Green Cities of YOUth: increasing the role of young people in the development of sustainable cities”

"Green Cities of Youth" project will contribute to achieving several of the objectives set in the 2030 Agenda, specifically:
  • SDG 7- Affordable and non-polluting energy: The climate alert raised by the scientific community has made, in the 2020-2050 horizon, CO2 emissions become the main vector of transformation of the energy sector.
  • SDG 11- Sustainable cities and communities: Our vulnerability to climate change (CC) must make us work on risk mitigation and adaptation to it. The priorities for environmental action in this area are to reduce the negative impact of cities, paying special attention to air quality and waste management.
  • SDG.12 - Responsible production and consumption: Promote the sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources, reduce the generation of waste and food waste, and promote the environmentally sound management of chemical products.
  • SDG 13 - Climate action: The fight against CC, both reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to CC, is a priority for Spain.
  • SDG 15 - Terrestrial ecosystems: Promote the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, the sustainable management of forest areas, combat desertification, stop and reverse land degradation and halt the loss of biological diversity.
  • Facilitate the conversion of European towns and / or neighborhoods of less than 15,000 inhabitants into sustainable cities, involving local youth in the process of change
  • Make citizens aware of the importance of individual effort for global change.
  • Implement the measures resulting from the investigation in the town of Miguelturra, using it a a pilot municipality for our project and involving the political group and society.
Partners: GEYC, Association Pokhara (Spain) and Aiforia (Germany)

Period: March 2022 - March 2024

Results:  A methodological guide will be developed to facilitate the ecological transformation of towns or neighborhoods with less than 15,000 inhabitants anywhere in the European Union, including young people in the process. To do this, preparation, training, awareness-raising and implementation activities will be carried out in the three partner towns, especially in the town of Miguelturra, whose government team is committed to implementing the measures that arise from this project within a period of time of 4 years.

Funded by: Erasmus+ KA2, Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices in the field of youth

Project ID: 2021-1-ES02-KA220-YOU-000029156