13 November 2020

Who you gonna call? Youth workers!

 We are partners on an approved Erasmus+ project of Independent youth association from Croatia along with organizations from Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Malta and Lithuania!

 The project is titled “Who you gonna call? Youth workers!” and it will tackle the topic of crisis management, the current topic that we’re all involved with because of COVID-19 situation.

 The main objective is to empower youth workers with knowledge, skills, methods, models and tools that they will use during crisis situations in and outside of their organizations that are affecting their work. They will use them to react and solve the problem quickly and painlessly as possible and continue their work or, even better, gain more success by doing so. The main activities (training course) of the project will be carried out in February 2021, in Zagreb, Croatia. There will be 28 participants (youth workers) present from 9 countries!

In March 2013 we celebrated GEYC13 Anniversary