10 November 2020

ENVforum Annual Conference 2020


Closing a 3-year cycle on SDG 12 - sustainable consumption and production (SCP) - this year's conference provided us with a new perspective on the topics of Single-use Plastic, Sustainable Garments and Sustainable Food Production, all in the light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result, the Conference will follow these four streams:
  • The Plastic Initiatives - 3R in Action
  • Sustainable Garment
  • Inclusive Food Value Chains as a Way of Transition to Circular Economy
  • Health Agenda Post COVID-19 – Example of AMR

The main message from the panel discussions is that as consumers, as individuals, our daily choices can make a difference in the fight against antimicrobial resistance and further: protecting the environment, biodiversity, empowering local producers, improving our health as well as animals health. 

Buying food that has been produced without antimicrobials or antibiotics, eating less and better quality meat, preferring local small scale producers can result in a mitigation of the growing Antimicrobial Resistance!  

Something we came across is the crucial role of consumers and policymakers. According to the speakers, it is true that consumers choices can actually make a difference in consumption and production patterns globally; however, it is at least of the same importance for policymakers to implement regulations that are able to promote sustainable production practices and influence consumption behaviours! Before asking the consumers to make a better choice, they need valid alternatives.