03 July 2020

Young people's opinion about WW2 and communism - a survey

Under the framework of the Europe for Citizens project  "5030 Remember: from WW2 to the end of communism", we have designed a survey that is meant to help us measure the extent to which young people understand historical facts and their importance. Help us by filling in the survey!

Many citizens, especially youth, have a limited understanding of the implications of WW2 on Europe and in building a democratic EU. Also, European youth of less than 30, have never lived under authoritarianism, taking for granted the struggle that their close ascendants have faced. It’s hence, in our duty to pay tribute to those who sacrificed themselves for our well-being, not only through re-education of youth but also through remembrance. The latter is particularly important in acting against the rise of populism, and hate speech, which could generate a climate comparable to the one that has preceded WW2.

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