29 June 2020

GEYC-ID - registration made simple!

Under the framework of the KA2 project Youth Workers 2.0, GEYC has introduced the GEYC-ID, a unique identification number for the Community members. 

Receiving your GEYC-ID, receiving your credentials if you lost them and deleting your profile

Getting your GEYC-ID is quite simple: you just have to go to geyc.ro/comunitate, click on “apply now” and the link will take you to the form that you will have to fill in in order to receive your unique identification number. Our team will check your application and you will shortly receive an email informing you if your application has been validated, which will also contain a link that you can use whenever you want to check or update your profile.

If you have lost your email with the link to update your profile, you can retrieve your credentials by simply going to geyc.ro/comunitate, scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see an assistance form that you can fill in. This is also the form that you should fill in if you no longer want to participate to our activities and you want to delete your GEYC Community account.

Advantages of the GEYC-ID

The GEYC-ID is a virtual profile of the GEYC Community members where all their data are stored, which offers increased security and control over their personal information:

  • This ID shortens the application process, as it ensures that the participant doesn't have to give their personal data for each application (name, surname, phone, number, date of birth, location, etc.);
  • They can always update their GEYC-ID data or request it to be deleted (if they no longer want to partake in GEYC’s activities);
  • We reduce the risk of their data being intercepted by an insecure Wi-Fi connection they may be connected to when filling out an application form.

Ensuring that the personal data that we require for our activities are stored securely is a priority of GEYC and since May 2018 we have implemented several changes in our procedures in order to comply with the GDPR. We have also adopted our Data Protection Procedure [GM-09], which states the principles that guide our activities in terms of the GDPR, categories of personal data that we process, the purposes for which we process them, the rights of the people that agree to share their data.

The procedure is available at geyc.ro/data-protection

The GEYC-ID has been implemented under the framework of the Youth Workers 2.0 project. It aims to provide guidance and training for youth workers across Europe on how to use ICT tools and digital methods to better deliver basic skills for youth education. This has been done through an integrative approach in collecting, sharing and disseminating innovative and inclusive teaching and learning practices using ICT tools and digital methods.