13 February 2019

Volunteers wanted for European Solidarity Corps projects in Germany!

1. Sport and health oriented after school care center “Wellenreiter”

Positions: 1
Location: Bradenburg an der Havel/Potsdam
Duration: 12 months (starting from 30.09.2019)


Through the daily work volunteer will be integrated in the move and health orientated program of the after school care center. Volunteer will support the staff/pedagogues in the after school care center during their service, making the games, sport and fun parts of the daily occupations of children. This will help the children to activate the reduced actions to move their body, as well as, help opposing their impoverished actions during leisure time activities. Main aim is the maximization of children’s sports activities in their daily life. In addition, the volunteers should communicate to the children that doing sports and being active is fun. At the same time, this approach should lead the children to a better consciousness for health.

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Application: Send your CV and motivational letter to e-mail: v.ozolina@sportjugend-bb.de (CC: mobility@geyc.ro) with the subject ESC Germany 2019.

2. Sport and health oriented Kindergarten “Nesthüpfer” in Falkensee

Positions: 1
Duration: 12 months (starting from 22.11.2019)


The volunteer should be of assistance to all kinds of activities and help the pedagogues in their daily work. Movement and health themes are only one part of activities offered in the Kindergarten. The Kindergarten offers for children activities, workshops and projects in the direction of handicrafts, music, environmental awareness, geography etc.
Also, the volunteer will have opportunity after agreement with the Receiving organisation to organize his/her own projects, e.g. about himself/herself, his/her own country, culture, traditions, language and food. The volunteer can bring in own songs, dances and games.

Background and profile of participants:
  • interested in work with young children
  • interested in sport orientated work in the Kindergarten
  • interested in the organisation and implementation of sport orientated events and projects with children
  • dedicated commitment and creativity (for example skills in music, sport and games, dance or in general be on familiar terms with children)
  • awareness of being the role model for children
  • sociable, friendly, patient and open-minded
  • willing to learn new skills
  • curious and be interested in German culture and language

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Application: Send your CV and motivational letter to e-mail: v.ozolina@sportjugend-bb.de (CC: mobility@geyc.ro) with the subject ESC Germany 2019.

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