02 January 2019

ACT ONline Training Course, 18-24 September 2018, Bansko, Bulgaria

The training “Online activism” was a part of the long-term project “TURN ONline: digital transformation of youth organizations, promoting peace and Human Rights”, that is financed by Spanish National Agency under the Key Action 2 of ERASMUS PLUS Programme.
The main aim of the training “Online activism” was to reflect on the online actions of youth organizations in order to improve the forms of online activism in the youth work context. It is evidently that being active only in the offline reality it is not enough for being effective with the actions. Youth NGO promoting peace and Human Rights need to strengthen their presence in online world through strategic usage of social networks and taking actions online: organizing communicational and crowdfunding campaigns, creating petitions and other forms of online activism.

Our two participants, Islam and Laurentiu, had a very productive week in Bansko, learning about online activism and online campaigns, the tools that you can use to create campaigns, how you can build counter-narratives, how to involve yourself in many communities and never stop learning, listen to different perspectives and share your own in a respectful manner, get people to feel that they are a part of taking decisions and get them to feel that they can make a good change.

The project was, of course, an opportunity for people to share their culture and to learn from one each other.

The training also inspired the young participants to become more active and to share their ideas. As a result, one of our representatives created a short video in order to start an online campaign. You can watch the video here.

The TURN ONline project is implemented by the team of seven youth NGOs: iWith.org (Spain), GEYC (Romania), INPRO (Poland), PROJUVEN (Spain), Intermedia Knowledge Transfer (Greece),
Egyesek (Hungary) and Alternativi International (Bulgaria).