10 July 2018

Young People are Creating Their Future- Youth Exchange in Corsica

Between 23rd of June and 2nd of July five of our inspiring Geyculeți: Alin, Ilinca, Mădălina, Robert and Georgiana started their journey towards Corsica at an Youth Exchange on digital marketing and advertising, with a special focus on ethics in the digital world and NGO strategies in this regard.

One day, to be more precise on 23rd of June, I together with other 4 amazing people: Ilinca, Mădălina, Robert and Alin decided to start our long journey to Corsica where we had the pleasure to meet other young people from Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and France. 

We thought it was about an Youth Exchange on Digital Marketing and advertising, but to be sincere it was far more. We had an interesting and interactive program since from the first day and we combined the indoor and outdoor activities very well. We had the chance to deepen our knowledge in the digital field but not only: the cultural element was a key point in this project because we discovered the other partner countries, the Corsican culture, a bit of history and a bit of geography too (✨ did you know that Corsica is an island full of mountains and the highest one is 2706 m, Monte Cinto? ✨)

But to start from the beginning, our first days on the French island were more about team building, a key step for the further activities. The aim of the project was to make a short revision of the main social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter ecc.) and the way we can promote our content on these channels so that in the end to create a digital campaign for the NGOs present there, following their needs. 

"This project was in my area of interest, with digital tools, so I am grateful for this experience that offered me the opportunity to exchange ideas with different people and to learn from them. Everything was well-organised, combining workshops and activities with the best things to do in Ajaccio region." (Robert Tiutiucă)

It was an intense work that were celebrated offline on the beach or in the mountains. We had also a challenge in the last day of the project. We had to go hiking and we did not have to use any gadget related to technology (phone, camera ecc.). The idea was to enjoy the view and to realize if we are or not addicted to any different gadget. The result was impressive: most of us took our phones only for security reasons.

"This youth exchange offered me the opportunity to learn more about digital marketing from the facilitators, but also from the participants who shared their previous experience and knowledge in this field. We took part in different activities and challenges in order to discover our connection to technology and see how much we rely on it in our daily lives. During the project, we had the chance to analyse the digital marketing presence of different NGOs, so we created a marketing analysis and later on we offered some proposals that can help them improve their marketing strategy. Overall, I spent a great week in Corsica, the place where I learnt a lot about online marketing and digital communication but also about the Corsican culture." (Mădălina Vlasie)

"For me, "Young people are creating their future" was the perfect mix between learning about the topic (digital marketing) and bonding with people from different countries. Regarding the topic, it was approached not only by interesting workshops, but also by creating a profile analysis of a certain NGO. Still, teamwork and group dynamics were also things we learned and applied. Overall, we spent a beautiful week in Corsica enjoying the place, people and activities." (Ilinca Burdulea)

It was an enriching experience especially because in one of the days we got a bit in touch with the Corsican capital city Ajaccio and its history during our City bound (✨did you know that in 1769 Napoleon Bonaparte was born in this city and that within the city there are 3 big statues of him: Napoleon and the lions, Napoleon and his brothers, Napoleon- the emperor?✨)

"Being part of this amazing project – Young people are creating their future – was for me more than an amazing experience. Even if I consider myself a well trained person in the field of digital marketing, I was surprised to gain a lot of new information on the topic of ethics in digital marketing. I strongly believe that if it is anything a young person needs during his or her studies, it is soft skills. Thanks to Dani and Mathilda, our facilitators, we started to think and act as a team and I was very satisfied to discover my own potential and new abilities. Also, it was a true pleasure to have Georgiana at our side for trainings and activities and be sure that I will apply to other projects developed by GEYC!" (Alin Todirică)

When you have by your side people who share your point of views, your ideas and impressions, it is more enriching. This project brought us new friends, new experiences, new people with inspiring stories.

The next Erasmus+ experience can be yours! 😊 Make a step forward, leave your comfort zone, inspire the others and let yourself be inspired. International experiences can make you a different person!

Georgiana Nuțu