18 May 2018

TURN ONline Conference on Communication Strategies for Youth NGOs promoting Peace and Human Rights

On the 15th of April GEYC has organized the Conference on Communication Strategies for Youth NGOs promoting Peace and Human Rights. The event was part of the KA2 Strategic Partnership, TURN Online, which is aiming to bring digitalization closer to youth organizations promoting peace and human rights.

During the conference, participants have received a deeper level of understanding on the way Social Communication and Digitalization can be successfully integrated in a fast-changing society through the speeches of 4 guests and through the workshop where they had to develop a communication campaign using the digital tools presented beforehand.

After the presentation of TURN ONline strategic partnership, the content delivered by our guests was very benefical in understanding what communication means for a NGO and best practices to do it, making it easier for the participants at the workshop to complete their tasks. For the workshops, the participants had six activities of TURN Online project that they had to make a communication campaign for, based on the method they learnt previously.

The team that helped in the preparation of the event was formed by Cristiana Lucaci, TURN ONline Project Responsible on behalf of GEYC Romania, Diana Adela Ioniță, Facilitator of the Conference  and Speaker and three EFYL Members: Elena Ungureanu, Speaker, Andreea Toma, Logistics Responsible and Daria Ionescu, Social Media Responsible.

EFYL Program(European Fellowship on Youth Leadership) is GEYC`s initiative in forming future leaders of our society.

Talking about our speakers, we would like to express our gratitude also to Nicușor CIOBANU, Transnational Cooperation Officer within ANPCDEFP Romania and Adina LUPULESCU, Communication Specialist who shared their expertise in the field of Communication. 

GEYC would like to thank all people that showed great interest, dedication and motivation during this event. Let`s hear more about the Conference from some of the people who made it possible!

Cristiana LUCACI, Project Responsible on behalf of GEYC for TURN ONline Partnership

"Organising this event for more than 30 international and local participants in Bucharest, Romania, getting to know people with such great interest in the field of youth participation and peacebuilding has been inspiring for me as, again, I have been given the chance to see how the work I do reflects in millenials` future. Big thank you to all people involved: organising team, speakers, participants, online and local community that supported this event."

Diana Adela IONIȚĂ, Facilitator and Speaker within TURN ONline Conference, Project Manager and Communication Specialist

"This space for networking and sharing ideas upon communication strategies for youth NGOs promoting peace and human rights challenged our perspectives on the ways we can explore communication in all its forms to raise the quality of our projects. Also, it fostered our awareness regarding the need to reach a common voice through new partnerships and cross-cultural dialogue."

EFYL members:

For us, the conference consisted in the “Inspiration” phase for the EFYL program, in which we had to participate in a project that inspires us and to inspire others through the project to get involved in the community.

 Clinical Psychologist Speaker, was the one talking about the impact of digital technology in the way we think. Here is her perspective of the conference. 

"As speaker of this conference, I had the opportunity to talk about the impact of technology in the way we think. I have been focusing on the idea that media psychology is a field with no consensus definition, no clearly paths and no easy answers. Inspite of that, it can add value to any point where human behavior intersects media technologies. Also, media psychology, the use of digital should not make us forget we are humans, we have feelings, emotions, moods, that each of us has his own History and His Story. To share with young people across Europe the beauty of this new field of specialty in Psychology was a joy."

Andreea TOMA Logistics Volunteer, helped in facilitating the logistical aspects of the event and took care that the participants had everything they needed at all times. 

"As a proud fellow of EFYL program and member of GEYC, I immediately and enthusiastically offered to volunteer for The Conference on Communication Strategies for Youth NGOs promoting Peace and Human Rights which took place on April 15 in Bucharest. The event was a full day line of activities, talks and surprises. My participation was focused on taking care of participants and filling the gaps in the organization of the event. The project TurnOnline presented by several representatives of European organizations created a lively debate and exchange that inspired me in my work with promoting human rights and communication area. The second part of the event gathered specialists in communication from different fields with their own approach on digitalization and social media. I enjoyed listening and engaging with them during the sessions and in the coffee breaks. Finally, the third part was non-formal peer-to peer learning – we worked on the communication models presented by the international team and organizers of the project, we exchanged and comment on various good practices. I was happy to bring my contribution to the conference and I will definitely use everything I’ve discovered during the sessions and from the participants." 

Daria IONESCU, Social Media Volunteer, ensured the online and offline visibility of the event by taking pictures and making a live video on Facebook. Also Daria learnt how to use the logistics we had at hand so that everything worked well. 

"For me, the conference was an awakening moment, since I realised how much work it is behind everything I see online, the promoting strategies and the visibility of a project after it is done. It was a pleasure to take pictures, and a challenge to make the live work, since nothing could be heard on the live in the beginning, but we discovered the problem, and solved it. Moreover, I am a non-formal devotee, so I especially liked the moment when the organizer asked whether someone wanted to make an energizer and I volunteered."

You can find out more information regarding TURN ONline KA2 Strategic Partnership on the project`s website and on the Facebook page.

In March 2013 we celebrated GEYC13 Anniversary