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23 May 2018

TC From inner peace to social progress, Merzouga, Morocco

The TC "From inner peace to social progress" took place during the 3rd - 10th of May 2018 in Merzouga, Morocco, and gathered 36 participants from countries as Romania, Spain, Ireland, Iceland, United Kingdom, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Portugal. GEYC team was represented by Cristiana and Elisabeta, the two participants, that attended the training together with Anca and Gabriel, the trainers of the project.

The Erasmus+ project "From inner peace to social progress" took place in an unique location, Sahara desert, in Merzouga, Morocco. The training course aimed to promote pеacе еducation in youth work by implеmеnting thе positivе outcomеs of innеr pеacе through meditation and mindfulness, along with a practical reflection on how global pеacе and social progress can be achieved and sustained through inner peace.

Bild könnte enthalten: 30 Personen, einschließlich Ieva Ugne Ulianskaite, Ricardo Duarte, ElMehdi Salik, Diana Bolo, Khouloud Laffet, Abderrahman Assorhani, Khaoula Taraf, Asmin Aktas und Mehmet Özbakır, Personen, die lachen, im Freien

Participants of this training course were very wisely selected, in order to create the most appropriate context of sharing best practices on topics through which mindfulness and meditation can correlate with our personal and professional development. Youth leaders and activists gathered together to learn how to introduce the concept of mindfulness in their daily activities and how to contribute to peacebuilding and social progress in a fast-changing world.

Youth organizations across Europe and North Africa have strengthen their connections and all participants have actively contributed to what the result of the transformation "From inner peace to social progress." might be.
Let`s hear more about this experience from the Romanian team!

"This project was a great opportunity to step back and reflect on my own non-formal education practices, to connect them with meditation, to be inspired by like-minded people and to disconnect a little bit from the 'noise' " (Gabriel Brezoiu, trainer)

"From inner peace to social progress project helped me take some time of "not-doing" and reflect upon my own state of mind, upon my personal and professional aspirations. I am grateful to have been given the chance to meet inspiring people and feel the energy of a group that was so strongly connected through the shared vision towards life and soul."(Cristiana Lucaci, participant)

"Being in such a calm and peaceful environment as I was in Merzouga, helped me disconnect for a while and see how good and important can be to gain your inner peace and to use it in your daily routine, in your social life and also how much it can influence your personal social progress."(Elisabeta Maria Cicos, participant)