10 February 2018

“#PlayEurope ‐ EduGames for Active Citizenship” – Strategic Partnership in the field of Youth (KA2)

“#PlayEurope EduGames for Active Citizenship” is a Strategic Partnership in the field of Youth, supported by Erasmus+ Programme. The project consortium is led by Viteco – Italy, and the other partners organisations are

- Marketing Gate – Macedonia
- K-Veloce – Spain
- Action Synergy – Greece
- PEIPSI CTC - Estonia
- Asociatia GEYC – Romania

Project duration: September 2017 - August 2019

Transnational project meetings:

- Catania, Italy - November 2017

- Murcia, Spain - May 2018
- Varna, Bulgaria - December 2018
- Athens, Greece - July 2019

The context
The idea of #PlayEurope - EduGames for Active Citizenship arises from the necessity to raise awareness among young people about the importance of being “active citizens”, both at local and at European level. In fulfilling this necessity it was searched for a different approach that goes beyond the traditional teaching and learning approach and the project propose to achieve its purpose by using the cooperative enterprise model and social entrepreneurship education for developing crucial competences that could educate youth to become contributing, responsible and critical citizens.

Specific objectives
- To invite young students and unemployed to be active citizens, working at the same time on the development of soft and hard skills and on the enhancement of digital integration in learning and youth work, by providing them with online guide that will help them acquire new skills suitable to set up social business;
- To show young people how to concretely apply the competencies acquired with #PlayEurope project in everyday life and for the common good, for example by thinking of starting a social business, thanks to the Manual of Success Stories on Social Entrepreneurship, that will explore real cases of successful businesses;
- To promote the adoption of alternative methods in schools, training institutions and NGOs that work closely with young people, inviting teachers and youth leaders to use #PlayEurope informal learning approach to promote civic participation among their students.

- Manual of success stories on social entrepreneurship that will motivate and inspire young people to set their own social business.
- #PlayEurope Step-by-step Guide “Become Social Entrepreneur in 7 days” that will contain advice and specific tools for the target users who will acquire the basics of the crucial soft and hard skills (like creativity, leadership, project management etc.) important in setting up a social enterprise.

The project aims to enhance the motivation, interest and active participation of young people to become better citizens by developing soft and hard skills and by creating social businesses in their communities.