01 January 2018

Booklet: Time to engage


The key aim of this booklet is to be a reference source for all dedicated youth workers and leaders, as well as interested NGOs, National Agencies, decision makers and EU citizens. This is also of interest to those who are standing for active participation of youth, especially in the democratic processes starting within their local communities from a global perspective.

The main objectives of the “Time to Engage (T2E)” Erasmus+ project were: assessing the challenges of youth political participation, examining the causes of youth disengagement in traditional forms of democratic politics by presenting research findings, specific case studies and personal experience, and fostering youth participation helping young people to become agents of positive change in their society and the entire continent. 

The essential role in the engagement of young people to be active citizens played by the social media and other ITC tools is also analysed in this booklet, which offers concrete proposals and guidance for active youth leaders and decision makers by instilling models and providing actionable policy recommendations on youth empowerment and to shape the future of the EU’s Erasmus+ programme beyond 2020.

In March 2013 we celebrated GEYC13 Anniversary