30 October 2017

E-learning course - Entrepreneurship Education for Cultural Tourism

GEYC among with his partners Asociacion Projuven from Spain, Youth Mobility Denmark  from Denmark and Futuro Digitale from Italy is glad to announce the launch of EECT (Entrepreneurship Education for Cultural Tourism) e-learning course.
The EECT course intends to offer a bigger picture of cultural tourism around the world and also to help the ones that are already entrepreneurs in this field or they dream to become one day. The course is composed by eight modules that can be completed anytime (regarding the need and the availability of the student) and it's rewarded with an European certificate. 

The modules cover different subjects such as:

  • Theoretical foundations of Entrepreneurship in Cultural Tourism
  • Globalization of Cultural Tourism
  • Cultural Tourism products
  • Cultural Tourism Policy, Strategy and Marketing
  • Business model CANVAS
  • Investment and funding 
  • External Environmental Impact on Cultural Tourism
  • Issues regarding quality of the Visitors’ Experience
The course are addressed to a large public due to its general and easy-to-comprehend approach, and can be completed by anyone interested in this field. There is no participation fee and it requires only registration to our platform. 

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