18 May 2017

YE: „Young Euro People” - Cagliari, Italia

This Youth Exchange for more than half of us, was a real journey in Italian culture. Four of us had the chance to visit four italian cities (Bergamo, Cagliari, Rome/Florence and Pisa), so we can say indeed that it was the journey of our lives!

In the first three days of the project, we have been working really hard on the impact which young people and young workers can have in society at local and european level and at the end of this three days we started to work for one toolkit which can help us and our organisations in the future.

In the first two days, every night we had intercultural experiences, tasting traditional food and drinks from all the countries involved in this project. In the third night we celebrated our host, Italy, by having the best pizza night ever on a exquisite place in old city of Cagliari.

After the first three days, everything was more familiar, also the programme of the project started to be a little bit less full because we had visits to Regional Council of Sardinia and to the Municipality of Cagliari where we had the chance to see how the italian politicians are working and the chance to ask questions about their work. We also managed to finish the toolkit, which will be put nicely in page by the host organization and it will be ready in a few weeks.

So, after all, we had a great journey by the all means, it was one amazing trip! Imagine to see Colosseum and the Tower of Pisa in just one day!