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17 March 2017

#invizita: Have you ever wanted to visit Dublin? Better change your mind. 5 reasons to 'avoid' Dublin

Have you ever planned visiting Ireland's capital to discover Saint Patrick's land? Better find another option. I mean, who will be delighted to see one of the most important IT hubs of Europe and the home of Guinness beer? Dublin is pretty basic and not that into excessively decoration which is giving to the city a minimalist and classic style, but who cares about this in our times? Let us present you 5 reasons to 'avoid' Dublin.

1. If it doesn’t have skyscrapers and full of glasses buildings why bother flying 4 hours from Bucharest to Dublin? Just because it has a lot of buildings full of history that are keeping alive the spirit of the last centuries and some churches that look exactly as those in fairy tale stories? No, thanks. 

2. Also, Dublin is the place where most of the digital media companies established their head office and in just one visit you can feel how open minded are those people who work there and how many amazing things you can learn in such a position. 

3. Who would like to get to know #Googlelife which might be a #careergoal for every student that dreams to work in an international environment? Who would like to visit the tallest building in Dublin and admire the view from the Google offices? Not us for sure. But who is interested in self-development, incredible career opportunities and the experience of their life? No one. If they don’t give us cookies, they don’t deserve our time. 

4. Sometimes I wonder why people are using LinkedIn, when there are a lot of job offers all over the place. I ask myself this all the time I receive a connection request mail. Like, you know what I mean - why I would invest time in personal branding and in building strong connections with persons who have the same skills and interests like me? Why get to the next level when it comes to collaborations and ”sell” myself better when I can wait for the companies to compete for me by hiding and waiting to be discovered? Because being profi isn’t on my list. 

5. Guinness Storehouse is known world-wide for being the largest building shaped like a pint. With seven floors where you can taste and learn how to serve properly a Guinness pint the storehouse became so famous that Airbnb is offering an unique experience there, but who wants to know about beer anyway? As you can see, Dublin is pretty average and has nothing in common with other south-European countries. No one likes original places, right?

GEYC Community organised a visit in Dublin called "New Media & Irish Culture". This is the first visit abroad as part of #invizita programme, 35 people took part together with two group leaders: Gaby & Vera. This visit was part of "eSkills for Volunteering" project.

My visit in Dublin was (as every experience I had with GEYC) absolutely awesome ! I had the chance to see what it means to work for Google, I learnt a lot of interesting things at Linkedin headquarters and I had the joy to explore Dublin and Ireland with a fantastic group of people. Raluca
For me, every country that I visited meant something and marked my life in some way. Whether it's my first plane flight, my first mobility or my first carnival, all together have booked a place in my heart. Ireland offered me the chance to see the ocean for the first time of my life and it was a magnificent landscape. Dublin, even if it seems to be a smaller city and with small buildings, it is home to some of the most important multinationals, and our visits to Google and Linkedln, confirmed this fact. But the most important thing - the people with whom i had the pleasure to share this experience. I am glad that in this visit I met many beautiful people, even though we did not know before. Dumitrița Nucă
As a wander woman, #invizita gave me the chance to seek great opportunities and discover new lands. I came back not only with wonderful memories but with new great friends too. Ana Maria Drăgoi