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EDYS24 Registrations are now open
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02 August 2016

Your sexual health matters [Training Course in Estonia]

GEYC is selecting 5 Romanian participants, to take part in "From experts to sexperts" European project that will take place in Viljandimaa, Estonia from 11.09. to 18.09.2016. The main aim of the training course is to provide sexual education to those who ca pass it on within their local community. Deadline: on-going | Apply now!

Sexuality is a substantial and important part of every humans life. It will present itself starting with birth and will play a part in a persons life until ones death. However, not everyone has the possibility to learn about sexual health. This may be caused by the general stigma put on everything related to sex. In some countries there is a lack of means or motivation to have sexual education in schools. There is also spread of false-information on the subject of sexual health, which is spread by different biased groups. Lack of valid knowledge about sexual health promotes risky behavior, stigmatization, violence for example through bullying in schools, and discrimination. All the aforementioned factors affect mostly, but not only, the youth. This results in rising prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, deterioration of mental health and lower quality of life in general. This project will deal with and prevent the problems caused by the lack of valid sexual education provided to youth. This will be done through training youth workers to empower young people and provide them scientifically valid information on the subject of sexual health.

For this project, GEYC is seleting 5 participants on the base of first come, first served according to the relevance of the application.

Join us and see the beautiful Estonia.

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