16 August 2016

All about healthy lifestyle | Youth Exchange in Petroșani

Margareta Cucli-Iane came back from an Erasmus+ youth exchange in Petroșani, a project organised by our partners from Euroeduas Romania. She discovered the beauty of a healthy lifestyle. Let's hear some of her impressions.

Arriving during the night in a place where your are completely surrounded by forest should not be a good way to start a new experience, but somehow for us it was. We forgot about how tired we were when the hosts welcomed us with some home cooked snacks and drinks and went to sleep happy.

The next days were a mixture of tracking activities, morning exercises and laughter, of course. We had interactive sessions about the importance of doing sports, eating healthy and how to find the best diet.

It wasn't all just hiking and learning, we also fully enjoyed the intercultural environment: each group presented its own country through games and traditional (and maybe also some traditional drinks, just to get the party mood on). My favorite activity was wondering around Petroșani and interviewing people about their diets and exercising habits: we found one gentleman who was around 80 years old and refused to quit being active. I honestly found him a real inspiration, I mean who wouldn't like to be fit and full of humour when 80.

To conclude, RHYTHM project was an unique experience that showed me the pros of healthy living, the beauty of having an intercultural environment and the magic of Romanian sceneries. Can't wait to live something like this again!!

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