09 May 2016

EQYP - Story of Day 3

On 9th of May we celebrated Europe’s Day and we had the opportunity to celebrate this important day in Bucharest, Romania. The entire day the participants of the EQYP were involved in many various activities.

The celebration started with a visit at the European Public Space. During the visit the participants had the chance to learn more about the concept behind European Union and the history of European Union from the conception till now. Also, they learned more about the European Institution, their role and organizations. After this short informative session hosted by Valentina Unguroiu, all the participants moved to the Universitatii Passage where a flash­mob took place. During the flash­mob in the entire Universitatii Passage we could hear the Ode of Joy. After this emotional moment an outdoor activity started.

The EQYP participants have been divided in 7 Districts and they had to occasion to explore the streets of Bucharest, to interact with the locals, to take pictures and also to inform the locals about 9th of May and Europe’s Day. This unique activity brought together different nationalities and created a bridge between the local population and the EQYP participants. This activity ended with a reflection session.

The second part of the day was a continuation of the interaction between countries and cultures. During the European fair all the participants had the opportunity to discover new culture, traditional food, dances and customs, also they tried to break the stereotypes. The whole day can be summarized as a UNITED in DIVERSITY day.

Happy Europe’s Day!

Authors: District 3 group

Disclaimer. This article was prepared by the participants of EQYP project, co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union. However, this document reflects only the views of the authors.